About Us


We are a design and production house based out of Kolkata, India founded by Riya and Ricky Osatwal. As a part of our quest to redefine everyday vegan luxury handbags and accessories,

we only source the finest materials from the globe and work directly with skilled Indian artisans to carefully craft each collection. In the world of The House of Ganges, curiosity, and creativity

are intrinsically intertwined in one always-evolving, artful journey. We thrive on exploration, discovery, and the beauty of elevated design. “The world around us is our source of constant inspiration.



THE HOUSE OF GANGES products are designed and made to be loved and worn now and cherished forever!

We use only vegan leather for all our bags, focusing on quality and longevity, while not compromising on the style.

We want you to get the most wear out of your bags so they could be worn for the many seasons ahead.

We suspect you would want to wear your THOG bag every day so cleaning it at least once a month is recommended.

Of course, different vegan leather types require different cleaning methods. Some like patent are super easy to clean, while others

like suede require a bit more care and attention. Just follow our Care instructions for best results.




At THOG, when we say handmade, we mean it. We are a completely vertically integrated business,

meaning we do everything in-house including product design, development, production, and fulfilment.

All our products are manufactured in our own factory giving us full control and oversight of the production process.

All our designs are meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials and most of them can be personalized.

It is very important to us that we, as a team, feel proud of the products that we are delivering to you.




As a brand, we believe in creating ethically made goods and paying

workers fair wages, and we hope to educate our clients on the importance of this.

At THOG, we make every effort to provide our team members with a quality work experience and

environment where they can enjoy the work of their hands and the company of their co-workers.

Today, THOG is part of interesting lives everywhere, heading out on urban safaris, down coastal highways and on getaways both exotic and familiar.

Every drumbeat is different, so the places you'll go with your THOG products are defined not by guidebooks but by the experiences that awaken your spirit.

It has been a beautiful journey this far and we feel blessed by the overwhelming support of our local, national, and international community.

Thank you for your interest in The House of Ganges. We are excited for you to be a part of our story.